Curriculum Vitae


Stephen G. Melvin lives in Florence, Alabama, and is a Visiting Instructor of English. In his spare time, he also produces documentaries, pens novels and short stories, and works as a freelance editor. His Amazon Author page is: . Anyone wishing to inquire about services is encouraged to email him at: .

Baptized in Dirty Water Covr

A Shaken Shadow (1)

  • Scholarly:
    • “Shadows That Hide the Real World From Our Eyes”: Interpreting the Symbols and Narrative Gaps in Victorian Gothic Fiction – Master’s thesis. Available at Collier Library, call number LB2385 .M45 2002.
  • Film:
    • The Alabama Bigfoot Society, Documentary Short, Co-Producer. Premiering at 12 noon during the 21st Annual George Lindsey UNA Film Festival in Florence, Alabama.
    • The Hollerin’ Thang, Documentary Short: Writer, Narrator, Co-Producer. (Filming. Expected release date: Oct. 2018.)

ABS Poster-2

With co-producer/director Tashina Southard, the Q&A session after “The Alabama Bigfoot Society” at the 2018 George Lindsey UNA Film Festival.
  • Works in Progress:
    • Carols of Lonesome Love, Novel. (Currently seeking editor/publisher.)
    • “A Cup of Kindness,” Short story.


  • Conference Presentation:
    • 24 March 2017 – With Dr. Kathleen Richards and Zeynep Harkness, co-authored and co-presented “Engaging and Enriching ELLs through Glocalized Partnerships in Higher Education” at the TESOL 2017 International Convention and English Language Expo in Seattle, Washington.
    • 23 February 2018 – Presented “‘Surpassed by Her Beauty’: The Patriarchal Readership, the Sympathetic Imagination, and the Complication of Marie de France’s Proto-Feminism” at the Conference on the Sympathetic Imagination: Literature, Film, and Writing of Sympathy and Empathy sponsored by the Association of College English Teachers of Alabama in Troy, Alabama.
    • 21-24 June 2018 – Will present ‘Trouble Still Comes Around’: Sisyphean Philosophy in Avengers: Age of Ultron,” at the 8th Biennial Slayage Conference on the Whedonverse in Florence, Alabama.


  • Invited Presentations:
    • 17 January 2013 – Presented “Unchained Medley: How Tarantino Made B-Movies Grade A” at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library. The talk highlighted the influence of the paracinema on Quentin Tarantino’s oeuvre and addressed its connection to the controversy surrounding Django Unchained.
    • 13 July 2017 – Presented “‘Not in That Onesie You’re Not’: Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe” at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library. The talk analyzed the divergent story arc of the Wall-Crawler from the comics to the MCU while also addressing the issues of diversity and economic inequality portrayed in the movie.
    • 15 July 2017 – Addressed the Shoals Writers Guild with Bit by Bit, Bird by Bird, Boulder by Boulder: Revising and Editing First Drafts.”
    • 27 February 2018 – With Dr. Karla Zelaya, Dr. Andrea Hunt, and Jason McCall, was a panelist on a roundtable discussion of the film Black Panther at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library. My portion of the panel highlighted the influence of the comic books on the film, particularly the 1998-2003 Marvel Knights series authored by Christoper Priest.
    • 21 March 2018: Delivered the keynote address at the UNA Sigma Tau Delta Induction Ceremony, “A Noble Craft, but Somehow a Most Melancholy!”
        • Spidey Presentation
          Discussing Spider-Man at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library
          At the Black Panther panel, Florence-Lauderdale Public Library.


  • Education:
    • 2002: Graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Alabama with an M.A. in English.
    • 2000: Graduated from the University of North Alabama with a B.S. in English and Criminal Justice.


  • Experience:
    • 2015 – 2018: Visiting Instructor of English
    • 2003 – 2015: Adjunct Instructor of English
    • Classes Taught:
      • EN111 – First-Year Composition I: A course focused on developing students’ skills in writing, effective communication, revision and editing, critical reading and analysis.
      • EN112 – First-Year Composition II: Building off EN111, with additional topics of research, critical thinking, and argumentation covered.
      • EN111H – First-Composition Honors: Offered to those enrolled in the Honors Program, with an additional community service component included.
      • EN112H – First-Year Composition Honors II: See above.
      • EN211 – Survey of British Literature, Part I: Covers Early British literature to the Neoclassical Age.
      • EN212 – Survey of British Literature, Part II: Picks up with the Romantic Era and continues into contemporary British literature.
      • EN221 – American Literature through Whitman: Surveys the literature of America from the folklore of Native Americans to the first settlers to the rise of American Romanticism.
      • EN231 – Literature of the World, Part I: Spans the literature of antiquity to the Renaissance.
      • EN232 – Literature of the World, Part II: Resumes the survey with the Neoclassical Age up to contemporary world literature.
      • EN231H – Honors Literature of the World, Part I: For honors students, additional depth and focus on theoretical framework/literary analysis are included.



  • Professional Organizations:
    • Sigma Tau Delta
    • Alpha Kappa Delta
    • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
    • Whedon Studies Association (WSA)
    • Association of College English Teachers of Alabama (ACETA)

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