Why Are You Blogging, Luddite?

Anyone else have that professor who read off crumpled, yellowing, hand-written notes from 1967? I swore I would never be that type, that I would always be open to experimenting and trying something new.

When I was approached with having students write blogs alongside their academic essays, I pounced on the idea. What a great way to teach about attention to audience. How wonderful to show them their tone need not only be stuffy, bloated academic prose.

I was an old hand at dishing out sage advice about writing and life. This would be an opportunity to shake things up and learn a few new tricks myself.

Then I was told I should also lead by example. I had to blog too.

I seriously rethought my position.

The internet is a dangerous place where sometimes well-meaning folks take an errant step and face the righteous ire of keyboard activists. I know, I know. What are the chances? I can’t help it. I’m just a little paranoid.

Nonetheless, I’ve found that I can have a little fun expressing myself and letting my own unique voice shine through. It’s certainly more entertaining than composing a post-structural deconstruction of syntax in Bram Stoker’s Lady of the Shroud. (13 years teaching comp and lit, and I don’t know what that means either.)

Most posts will be a synthesis of the lectures and discussions we’ve had in class. I might also throw in sundry scattered musings from the twisted recesses of my mind.

I might just drone on forever about nothing.

You’ve been warned.