Birds, Boards, and Boogeymen: Free Short Stories Again

Celebrate Halloween (1)

When it comes to Halloween, I’m the proverbial broken record. It’s hands down my favorite holiday. I won’t spend another blog waxing poetic about its charm and magic.

I’ll just say that in order to fully appreciate it, one needs to watch a metric ton of scary movies. And, in the process, don’t neglect the printed word.

Peruse the likes of J. S. LeFanu, E.T.A. Hoffman, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Poppy Z. Brite. And since authors of the “weird tale” apparently have to have an initial somewhere in their name, I also humbly suggest Stephen G. Melvin.

The Tale of Lus and Zrbyxc
That cover is the stuff of nightmares, ammirite?

I took a slight departure from my short story kick to write a narrative essay, “The Tale of Lus and Zrbyxc: A True Story (More or Less).” Clocking in at 17 pages, it’s a quick read with some spine-tingling moments. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

I could also mention that it’s currently sitting at #3 on the Amazon Best Sellers list for the category of Free Occult Spiritualism Non-fiction, but I don’t want to brag.

Look at you go

Here’s what you can expect: Fifteen years ago, the author and two of his friends engaged in an evening of amateur ghost hunting. Equipped with a homemade Ouija board and using an upturned wine glass as a planchette, they communed with two entities. At first, it was a pleasant–albeit poorly spelled–conversation. Course, it’s always fun until the malevolent spirit shows up …

If you want to come off a whopping $0.99 while you’re there, you can also get “Archer Bob’s Blue-Ribbon Guide to Unique, Curious, and Inexplicable Roadside Attractions.” Don’t let the tongue-in-cheek title fool you. It too is firmly set in the horror genre.

On a whim, three indolent friends decide to tear out across the country and visit the attractions they’ve read about in an old tour guide. When they pick up a strange hitchhiker outside of Texas, however, their joyride takes a dark turn.

Archer Bob

Maybe you’re one of those people who inexplicably say “Horror’s just not my thing.” I guess if pressed hard enough, I can respect that. Don’t sweat it. I have you oddballs covered too.

Amorous Birds of Prey(1)

Amorous Birds of Prey” is also free through October 18th.

After leaving his estranged wife 1400 miles away to accept a position as an instructor in an MFA program, things are looking up for Irv. He loves his new city, campus, students. He’s even smitten with Dr. Robin Vogelsang, a charming, awkwardly sexy ornithologist. All he has to worry about is keeping their liaison a secret from her husband.

Readers of poetry and classical lit will have fun sifting through the numerous allusions. It’s not quite “The Waste Land,” but references are myriad. It’s also a pretty tender love story. You might even get a happily-ever-after out of me … or not. You’ll have to read to find out.

(For further info on “Amorous Birds of Prey,” check out my promotional essay “Bird’s the Word.”)

That said, why are you still reading this when you could deep into a hair-raising piece of non-fiction or following the torrid, illicit affair of two nerdy scholars?

Seriously, go. Shoo. Run away!

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