“Thinking Only Autumn Thoughts”: Good-Bye, Summer

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” –Albert Camus

Tomorrow is the equinox, the first day of fall. Far and away, it’s my favorite season. It contains such monumental moments as football season, Halloween, and–most importantly–my birthday.

Of course, one of those is already in full swing, and the others are still a few weeks away. That doesn’t mean the waning days of September can’t have a bit of oomph too.

September Promo
Anyone taking notes?

Baptized in Dirty Water” is free on Amazon Kindle through Sunday. It’s a nostalgic, Southern Gothic yarn set on the bayou. As one would expect, it features broken levees, alligators, and a carnival performer known as the Indomitable Biloxi Bertha.

If you’re more in the mood for a literary short story, well, I got you covered there too. Granted, it’s a little pricier than free, a whopping $0.99! “Amorous Birds of Prey” is set for release Monday, September 25th, but you can go ahead a pre-order it now.

From the description: After leaving his estranged wife 1400 miles away to accept a position as an instructor in an MFA program, things are looking up for Irv. He loves his new city, campus, students. He’s even smitten with Dr. Robin Vogelsang, a charming, awkwardly sexy ornithologist. All he has to worry about is keeping their liaison a secret from her husband.

Amorous Birds of Prey(1)
Infidelity, literary allusions, and a whole flock of birds. What’s not to love?

I’ve also done something special with this short story. Sure, September is about to croon her swan song (see what I did there?), but that means October is fast approaching.

October 23rd, my fourth short story will be released, “A Shaken Shadow.” In keeping with the tradition of my favorite holiday, it’s a good old-fashioned ghost story.

The tentative description is: “Everyone from my friends to my therapist tells me Callie’s suicide wasn’t my fault. They don’t know about the contents of her note or my raging alcoholism or my numerous affairs.  They don’t know that every time I feel a moment of peace or a twinge of happiness, she appears to remind me where the blame lies.”

If the last full week of October seems like a hell of a time to have to wait, you can at least get a taste. The final two pages of “Amorous Birds of Prey” will have a preview of “A Shaken Shadow.”

A Shaken Shadow (1)
And just for reading the blog, you get a sneak peek at the cover. Sweet, eh?

If you are still hankering for a good spooky story, I might humbly recommend “Archer Bob’s Blue-Ribbon Guide to Unique, Curious, and Inexplicable Roadside Attractions.” Don’t let the ridiculously long title fool you, there’s a haint in there.

Considering most of you are experiencing excitement overload, I’ll just leave it there. For those of you thrill-seekers who want more, why not pop over to my GoodReads page? If you’re curious about any details of the stories or just want to know something about my writing process, you can use the Ask the Author function.

See? The beginning of autumn doesn’t have to be all sad and gloomy.

It also doesn’t have to be this hot, so could someone please ask God why he set the exterior thermostat to “HELL?”


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