Dunking Youths: “Baptized in Dirty Water” Free Promotion


Time for more shameless self promotion. In advance of the September 25th release of my newest short story, “Amorous Birds of Prey,” I’m making its predecessor, “Baptized in Dirty Water,” available on Amazon Kindle for free.

It’s a Southern Gothic piece that follows five boys across a small bayou town as their make their way to the fairgrounds to visit the annual Carnival. Along the way, there’s plenty of purloined liquor, egged limousines, hell-fire and brimstone preaching, and alligator wrestlers (or ‘rasslers) to keep the reader entertained.

While you’re there, maybe leave a review for “Archer Bob’s Blue-Ribbon Guide to Curious, Unique, and Inexplicable Roadside Attractions” and give me a follow on my Amazon Author Page.

If you’re still hanging around the interwebs afterwards, I’d also love it if you gave me a follow on GoodReads and let the world know that you’re reading my stories. You can leave reviews there, and, if curious about any plot points or the writing process, click that Ask and Author button. I’ll reply to anything … within reason.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope to spark some interesting discussion with this piece.

“Nearly three decades after the fact, Warren reflects on the eventful day he had planned to lose his virginity, recalling it in vivid detail: the Presidential motorcade, the tropical storm, the deluge, and–most importantly–The Indomitable Biloxi Bertha, Gator ‘Rassler.”

I’ll be watching.

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